Monday, 8 March 2010

We have arrived...

We are now in our new home. Moving day was exhausting. Obviously we had to finish cleaning after the removal company had left. As it was a property with high ceilings and generous room sizes, this took an age. A visit to the tip and then to kennels to pick up the dogs ensued before we could leave Devon. There wasn't chance to feel sad.

Once we arrived in Bath, we left the dogs with mum and went to collect the keys, only to be told that the garage of our new home was still full of stuff but that it would go today. Not best pleased. Still, we arrived at our new house to find that it was absolutely filthy dirty! In fact, so dirty that we had to tell the removal company not to bring any stuff in until we had had chance to at least clean up a bit. Now, let me assure you, I am absolutely not known for being houseproud. I aim for hygenic. That's it.

Whilst we spent a long evening cleaning, we also found that: the integrated fridge/freezer was broken, black and smelling. The boiler didn't work properly and that a number of the spotlights around the house were broken. The bathroom light needs a new switch and won't work.

Still, all of these things can be sorted in the fullness of time. We really like the house and it's very convenient for family and friends. The dog walking isn't quite so spectacular - there is no cliff top or sparkling sea, however we do walk around fabulous Georgian architecture and formal landscapes.

The business has been up and running and the stock room is on it's way to being completely sorted. So far, so good.....