Monday, 29 December 2008

Christmas Knitting

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Mine was pretty productive really. After finishing the two aran cardigans (very well received by parents), I found a bit more enthusiasm for knitting and made these for my friend's daughter.

These have been modelled by daughter Lucy who was home from Glasgow for the Christmas period. She spent a week with us and has now gone to celebrate New Year in Prague. It must be hard being a student. If you look closely, you will also see Snuff, our black labrador, lurking around in the background. She is a little camera shy unlike Rex.
Lucy also got the knitting bug and after rifling through the stockroom came out with a skein of Colourscape Cherry and decided to knit the beret from the Cocoon book. As she has only ever knitted a scarf before, I was slightly concerned that she may not cope with it. She also decided it had to be finished before her holiday and as she started it on the 23rd I didn't think she'd get it done. I had forgotten what a determined child she is though, and here is the finished item:

She reminds me of a French art student. Don't ask me why, but I am sure I have seen an illustration of one somewhere looking just like her! Anyway, I think she did well.

On a different topic, keep looking at the website as we will be adding more sale items to the shop over the next few days........

Monday, 22 December 2008

Let the Festivities Commence!

Yes, we can now start Christmas as I have finished Dad's Aran Cardigan. Here is a photo of Joe modelling it.

Looks good, doesn't it? In fact, I am really very pleased with this. Please bear in mind that Joe and Grandad are very different sizes and so the overall effect will also be different (stretched, is a word that comes to mind). I will insist that he wears it every day.

Now, Ian has requested that I knit his father a waistcoat for his birthday, (9th Jan), I promised my friend's daugher I would knit her a pair of cabled mittens and we are hoping to see her on the 27 December and Lucy has requested a cardigan from the Rowan Studio 12 in Kidsilk Night - colour White! I think she is hoping to take it with her to Prague for the New Year. (Fat chance, Lucy!) So much for a relaxing Christmas.

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Finished at Last...

.....the cardigan for Mum's Christmas present! If you click on the photo you should get a detailed view of it. Lovely isn't it? I have to say I am really, really pleased with this. Made from King Cole Aran in Claret, it took around 18 x 50g balls. The pattern was from Vogue Knitting, Fall issue. Overall, it wasn't that complicated, but you did have to keep your eye on it. I didn't get too bored with this but have to say I was pleased to have finished it. Hope you like it, even more, I hope Mum likes it!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Santa Specials

Just to let you know that we have some great Santa Specials - good deals and ideas for Christmas Presents in the shop. You don't have to give them away, you can always give yourself a present. I might, it's the only way I'll be able to get my hands on the stock. I think my favourite deal is the Christmas Stocking, picture of which is helpfully provided below.

To get to these, please click here

Friday, 28 November 2008

A Visit, A New Pattern and Thoughts of a New Project

Yesterday we had a visit from Annabelle, our Rowan rep. It was lovely to see her, and to have a sneak look at all the lovely yarns that will be available in the Spring. Linen mixes, gorgeous organic cottons, interesting and innovative patterns, what more can I say?

Anyway, Annabelle arrived wearing the most super beret. It looked suspiciously like Colourscape yarn and on close examination I found it was. Carnival is the colourway and here is the beret:

Annabelle used the pattern from the Cocoon Collection which, she tells me, uses the same tension as Colourscape and so the patterns are pretty much interchangeable! Fantastic - I have some lovely Cocoon in a deep red and as soon as I have finished the jumpers that shouldn't be named, I think I might make this the next project.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Out and About

Unfortunately I haven't any knitting to show you - but check back at the weekend because I hope to have finished Mum's cardigan by then. Excellent news! Just the Alice Starmore Aran cardigan to finish (well, 1.5 sleeves and 2 fronts and 2 pockets to do). Yes, I know, it is just the back and a little bit of the first sleeve that I have actually completed, but I have been thinking about it. A lot.

Anyway, let's have a picture. Here is one of Rex enjoying the sunshine yesterday at Berry Head. This is a lovely country park with beautiful views of the sea. About one mile from my home.

He is looking very perky isn't he? At the far end of the country park there is a lighthouse which is interesting for two reasons: it is the highest and smallest lighthouse in Britain. It's very cute:

Now some shop news. We will be putting up some Christmas ideas and deals during the next few days, so do have a look. As soon as we do, I'll put a link.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Christmas is coming (very slowly) ....

Yet another week (and more) has gone by without me adding a blog post. What excuses do I have this time? None, really. Actually, I have got one - we were invited to a wedding last weekend and it took two whole days of shopping to get Ian an outfit. Mine took considerably less time and ended with me borrowing a scarf from my next-door neighbour, just 45 mins before we had to leave for the event! Sadly, in our hurry we forgot to take the camera so I cannot show you any photos of the lovely bride (my niece) or anything else really.

So, what's been happening on the knitting front? Well, I did frog Emily's cardigan and knitted another. Emily was a bridesmaid at the wedding and I found she has grown in the few months since I last saw her. Considerably. Considerably more, in fact, than I could have thought possible. So, I am now forgetting I ever had hopes to knit a cardigan for Christmas and have purchased many High School Musical items instead. I'm sure she will enjoy these much more than a boring old cardigan, but that's not the point. I now need to find a recipient for the aforementioned garment. It still needs blocking and then I promise to show you a picture.

Mum's Christmas cardigan and Dad's aran cardigan are still coming along. Slowly. Very, very slowly. Still, if I can't manage to finish them by Christmas, then they will have to wait. Or, of course, they can always have some High School Musical items instead.

If you haven't been able to complete all your knitted gifts for Christmas you can always send one of our lovely Gift vouchers. We have got some super cards from Herdy and so you will be supporting Lake District charities as well! Here is a sample of one of the gift cards.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Shop Updates

Well, I have finally rebuilt the Rowan, and added all the new things, do have a look. Here is a photo of some of Patricia's new buttons. These are probably our favourites!

I haven't got much to show you on the knitting front. I am still working on the Alice Starmore cardigan for my dad. Started a new aran cardigan for mum from the latest issue of Vogue Knitting (will show photos later). I did frog Emily's Alice Starmore and made something else, but this needs pressing and blocking and I will show you then. I have also made two scarves and one and a half mittens. So, not as much progress as I would like. Let's hope November is more productive... (Really, let's hope November is more productive or I'll have to go out and do more 'real' shopping).

Monday, 27 October 2008

An annoying week....

I noticed today that I haven't put a post up on the blog for ages. That's because we have been very busy. We have been receiving loads of lovely, lovely stock for the shop including discounted Rowan (that I'm reluctant to part with), fabulous new yarns and colours from Jon at Easyknits (that I am extremely reluctant to part with) and gorgeous new cashmeres from Eirwen at Knitwitches (ditto). I have also received mitten kits and buttons from Patricia Baggot which are absolutely lovely and ideal for Christmas presents. We even have some super value 4 ply from King Cole.

So, where are they? Well, we have been particularly busy at home with collecting Joe from Uni (half term again - it soon comes around doesn't it?), visiting my parents, having friends to stay, tending to the every need of our injured Jack Russell (don't ask) and freezing with the broken down central heating boiler. Just to top it all, I managed to get the sale Rowan on site, thought I would make the existing Rowan section look prettier only to find the computer wasn't having any of it. Literally. So, I am slowly rebuilding the Rowan section and will get the new things on as soon as possible. In the meantime, here is a picture of one of the most gorgeous Cashmere/silks from Knitwitches. This is seriously gorgeous (as the label says). It will be on sale very, very soon.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Bowmont Braf Yarn

I am really pleased to say that we have some lovely new Bowmont Braf yarn in the shop. Handdyed by Jenny Cook, this yarn is just gorgeous. It is incredibly light and with 400 metres per 100gm, it goes a very long way. I have been knitting a scarf in a skein that I bought at Wonderwool. It just needs blocking and then it will be ready to photo and put here. The pattern will be a free one which you will be able to download from the shop in time. In the meantime, enjoy looking at the yarn below or here.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Creative Stitches - Exeter

Last week we spent four days at the Creative Stitches Show at Exeter. We had a really great time and met some lovely people. Many of the visitors said how pleased they were to see 'real wool' at a show and they certainly enjoyed squishing the alapaca/silk mixes and the pure silk laceweights! Ian enjoyed the show immensely. I think he liked the female attention, even though most of it was teasing him (customers), or being rude about him (me). Our concept of promoting British producers and yarns was also very well received. So, we hope to do more shows and meet more of you in the future.

Here is a photo of some of the yarn in boxes. Our stand wasn't very sophisticated - we only decided to do the show a few days beforehand. We hope to be more organised next time.

Don't have much to report on the knitting front. Still working away on the Aran cardigan for my Dad. Not working on the Aran jumper for niece Emily. I may well frog the jumper for Emily and knit something simplier as Christmas suddenly seems to be looming. Perhaps one of the reasons I haven't made much progress is this:

Yet, another Christmas stocking! Again, from Jolly Red who sell fabulous needlepoint kits. This one was given to me last Christmas and as I had already made one for each of the family, I decided this should belong to the dogs. Terribly extravagent, I know. But, my justification is that the kit didn't cost me anything as a gift and the dogs shouldn't be left out! (Weak, pathetic justification, I realise). I will be posting it to be made up today and will show you the finished article when it is returned. If you would like to see the others, here is the link.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

A Real Challenge

As my interest in Aran knitting has been reawakened, I have been looking at various designers, guides and stitch dictionaries. Not really sure why, I have never been able to design anything and have absolutely no artistic ability. Still, I do like reading and looking at pictures, so have been adding to my (large) book and pattern collection with new aran stuff. My latest acquisition is this:

A Japanese cable and aran stitch dictionary. It is written entirely in Japanese, but does have symbols, which you can decipher with the help of various websites and reference documents. The aran patterns are absolutely amazing - I've never seen cables etc like it! Here is a photo of one of the pages:

I bought it from Needlearts bookshop, a Canadian company who were very prompt and friendly. My intention is to start doing some swatches from these patterns - watch this space!

Friday, 12 September 2008

Colourscape Scarf

The problem I have found with aran knitting is that you have to keep your eye on it. This means that I cannot watch all the riveting programmes currently on tv whilst knitting complicated patterns. So I looked around for something easier to do. In my wip basket I had: a plain navy jumper back to finish (front with animal pattern completed); simple textured pattern jumper, back and sleeves; gloves; socks, horrid chenille jumper; but obviously these would not do. No, I felt it was time to start something new. But what? I did not dare to start anything too large and so thought a scarf would be the ideal project.
The Rowan Colourscape was calling to me and so I snatched a skein of 'Heath' from the shop, took one of the pattern leaflets for Tainted Scarf and off I went. The colouring is quite amazing. Beautiful colours in lovely stripes! The yarn is soft and very easy to knit with. Picking out bits of straw still in the yarn is an added interest and I am enjoying the pattern. Just enough complication to make it interesting, not so much that I cannot concentrate on the plot of Coronation Street. Perfect!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Back To University

Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis will know that Joe, our son, is passionately opposed to wearing handknitted, woollen garments. You will be shocked to see that the above photo is of Joe wearing his new, handknitted, woollen vest thing made by mum. I must admit to the casual observer, he may not look over excited, but believe me, for Joe this is about as good as it gets. I made this from a pattern in Best of Interweave Knits using King Cole Merino Aran yarn from the shop.

The decreasing around the v neck was a little uneven, but as it is extremely unlikely this garment will ever be shown to anyone who knows anything about knitting, I don't suppose it matters. Anyway, I was pleased that he agreed to wear it - he even said he liked it. This was Joe's back to uni outfit. After almost four months of being at home he has now returned for another arduous year of studying.

On the whole, it was easy enough to make. The stitch was described as 'brioche' in the book, but I couldn't find the same stitch in any of my reference books under that name (or any other name). The stitch was as follows:

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl 2, from stitch on left needle, pick up loop and place on left needle, knit the loop and stitch together.

The unusual thing was that you had to knit using a size 5 mm needle and a 3.25 needle, so that you had normal aran sized stitches for the knit row and then smaller for the rib row. It made a very thick piece of fabric type knitting. Almost woven, in fact. I am sure it will keep him nice and warm this winter.

Thursday, 28 August 2008


The latest addition to the shop is the Sublime range from Sirdar. It's really lovely yarn, super soft and in the prettiest colours. The range is affordable with Extra fine merino at less than £4 per 50 gm ball. The cashmere/silk aran blend is really gorgeous. It's no real coincidence that I have become very interested in aran type knitting lately. Their pattern support is also extremely good.

The range will be up in the shop tomorrow. I also hope to have some photos of knitting to show you soon. Unfortunately I have chosen lots of long and slow projects lately. But one is almost finished and as it hasn't been shown on the blog it will be a happy surprise for you all!

Friday, 15 August 2008

Chinese Treats

Our daughter Lucy has recently returned from a trip to China. She has spent a month in Beijing studying acupuncture and then had a few days travelling around ending up in Shanghai. Apparently she had a fabulous time and met lots of lovely people and saw lots of interesting sights. She also bought presents.....

Lucy bought this for me to keep my knitting in. It's gorgeous and she got this in a street market in Beijing. Apparently haggled down from 850 Chinese Yen (prices always seem to start at 850 Chinese Yen) to around 250. It's too nice to be kept for knitting and I might use it as posh going out bag, just in case I ever get to go out during the evening. (Unlikely).

She also bought this yarn.

I think it is a cotton boucle, but it could be anything really. Apparently you had to buy four balls for around £3 and they had lots of pastel colours to choose from. Lucy tried to buy one of each of four colours, but the shop assistant got 'very cross and quite rude'. As Lucy does not speak a word of Mandarin, we were interested to hear that she can argue in a foreign language, thousands of miles from home without fear, but she is fairly intrepid. Anyway, I came out the winner as now I have eight balls of yarn. It is very pretty indeed and I can feel some more children's garments coming on ....

Sunday, 10 August 2008

More Aran Knitting

Well, once you get the bug that's it, isn't it? I suppose for those of you who enjoy knitting socks, this is the equivalent. This is my latest attempt at aran knitting.

Another Alice Starmore pattern. This time from the Fisherman's Sweaters book, which, by the way, is still available from for around £9 if you are interested. This is not complicated, but I don't think I would be able to do it without the help of the stitch markers. There are 11 patterns across. I am knitting this for my niece for Christmas and it is only size 6 - 7 years. It takes a great deal of time to knit a row and I reckon that at current speed I am knitting 5 to 6 rows an hour! So, I try to spend an hour or so each evening on either the aran for Dad or this. I then spend the rest of the evening on either the horrid chenille or another more interesting project, which is also a Christmas present and must therefore remain secret.

I am not used to spending so long on a project, but am enjoying the challenge. The colour, of this hasn't come out very well in the photo - it is a lovely dark mauve. Will try again when the light is better.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Aran Knitting 2

I thought you might be interested to see the progress on the Aran cardigan I started a week or so ago.

Good, isn't it? I love knitting this garment. The pattern is fairly easy to remember once you have got the hang of it. The yarn is really, truly lovely to work with and it is knitting up quite quickly. Don't think that this is all I've accomplished. I have also finished the stripy sweater from earlier this year, started another Alice Starmore jumper and been working on a jumper that I found in the back of a cupboard, put there from when we moved over 6 years ago and completely forgotten. This is an oversized horrid jumper in truly dreadful cotton chenille. It scratches across the needles and hurts my hands. Photos some other time.

In order to keep us all cheerful, here is another picture of the Aran, close up this time.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Lovely New Stock

We have just taken delivery of some really lovely hand dyed yarns. We met Jenny at Wonderwool where she shared a stand with her friend Patricia Baggott, whose buttons we also stock.

As always, it is very interesting to see how different each dyer's yarns are. Jenny's are very delicately painted and full of colour. When knitted up they are really very pretty and quite different to most other hand dyed yarns. To view Jenny's lovely yarns, click here.

Jenny and Patricia also design patterns that go with the yarn and we will be putting these on the site as soon as we can.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

A New Project

Last week I knitted a child's hat and slipover, both in an Aran pattern. I decided not to photo them and put them on the blog as I feel you have probably seen enough of my attempt to knit something for every child in the land. However, this exercise did awaken my interest in Aran knitting. I knitted quite a few Aran sweaters etc in the days before I had children. Once they arrived I lost the ability (and will) to count carefully due to extreme tiredness. Eventually, of course, they grew up a bit and although the tiredness wasn't such a problem, exasperation took its place. Anyway, as I was saying, my interest in Aran was awakened and I was lucky enough to buy this on e-bay.

To be honest, I was a tiny bit disappointed with the book as I thought the patterns were a little dated. However, Joe's friend has been staying with us and so I thought he might be interested (well, I knew he wouldn't be really, but I desperately wanted to show someone and he is very polite). It turned out that he was pretty interested and thought the patterns were fantastic and 'retro'. I felt tremendously pleased with myself for being such a trendsetter and promised to knit him a jumper soon.
In the meantime I thought that the Aran cardigan pattern would be just the thing for my father, possibly for Christmas. So, I made a start, using the most fabulous natural aran (100% bluefaced aran) that we have in the handdyeing section of the shop.
Here is a photo of progress so far.

Not bad. I haven't decided when to show you a picture of the actual pattern, possibly when I've done a bit more.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

More Knitting

Here are a few more garments I have made over the last few weeks. This is another aran weight yarn, very quick and easy. Pattern, Sirdar, again, colours my own. I spent a lot of time discusssing the colours on this with my family whilst on holiday - it passed a few minutes. The general consensus was that the colours didn't look good. This was when only a few rows had been completed. I decided to persevere and by the time I had finished the front everyone said they thought the colours looked good. Or rather, I said 'these look fine together DON'T THEY?' in a rather threatening manner. As Joe and Lucy were watching some awful TV programme, they quickly agreed in the hope that I would shut up.

Next up is this rather smart slipover, again Sirdar pattern, knitted in the everlasting ball of Aran. Quite pleased with this, very easy knitting, finished in a few hours.

Now, you wouldn't believe this, but I found this one in the back of a cupboard. I had completely forgotten I had made it! The thing was, I had wanted to knit this pattern, because it was pretty and I thought challenging. But, I didn't have anyone to make it for. So, in the end I decided to make it and wait and see who came along that might fit it. It wasn't as challenging as I had hoped, but the endless moss stitch frill and sailor collar was boring. Still, it is very pretty, better in the flesh and I hope even better on a small child. I still don't know any small children, but this is going to the craft fair, so hopefully someone will like it.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

It's been a week since ......

I said I would show you some of the things I have been knitting. A few weeks ago Gina (Starchild) on Ravelry, put out a call for acrylic yarn that she and her fellow knitters could use for making items to sell at a craft fair. The money they raise goes to a South West Children's Hospice charity. I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to rid myself of some the yarn that's hanging around here. So, I went to the secret stash (my daughter's wardrobe, if you're wondering. This is probably the least likely place my husband would ever look.). I found some stuff which I hope the knitters will use, but even better I found two 400 gm balls of Stylecraft Pure Wool and acrylic mix in Aran. I had used a few strands of each - both to finish garments for my niece and nephew - but basically they were intact. Here is what you can make with one ball of each - and still have plenty over for at least another couple of hats and a pair of mittens!

I have also finished a blue and white slipover which I will photo later. I am going to give them the rest of the yarn as I can't bear to think of knitting anything else with it. By the way, all patterns are Sirdar Chino Knits from the two books published with the same name. The tension is not correct and so I assume the sizing will vary from the pattern. Just like all my other knitting.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Home Again

Hello again, we are back from Ireland and we all had a jolly good time. Ireland was lovely, the cottage was great and we were really close to a super beach where the children had lots of fun making sandcastles. Even though they are now old enough to vote (and get jobs), we had to buy a bucket and two spades and they made dams and castles etc, etc.
I saw many lovely things whilst away, scenery included, but this was probably my favourite.

This fellow was sitting in our holiday cottage. He was absolutely gorgeous - very tactile, I had to smooth him every time I passed by. If you know where to get one of these, do please let me know.
Unfortunately, all holidays are now over for the forseeable future, although I am hoping to persuade Ian to have another break in September ..... So, back to work. I have completed lots and lots of knitting over the past few weeks and photos will be taken over the next few days. In the meantime, here is a photo of a baby hat I finished before the break.

My design, I think the lace border was too long - it needed to be a little shorter then stretched more around the hat. Still, I don't think the baby will complain. What do you think?

Friday, 6 June 2008

Away again ............

When we owned our holiday business we didn't get to have a holiday of our own. We said that when we sold it we would have a few breaks. And so we are away again. Only for a week, Ireland this time. Joe (still home from university) is coming with us. I don't think Ireland will necessarily hold anything for him, but he has graciously agreed to accompany us and his sister for a family holiday.
So, if you are planning to make an order, please do so, but be aware that it won't be posted until Monday 16 June. Do have a look at the shop, we now have some lovely King Cole Merino in DK and Aran. Lovely colours, even better price!

Have a good week.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Dye It Yourself

I have just put up some new yarns in the shop. These are wonderful British undyed yarns for dying, felting or just knitting. We have quite a range including Aran weight, machine washable sock yarn and some really pretty and unusual chunky yarn.
Have a look - you might feel inspired! Click here to go to Yarn page

Monday, 26 May 2008

Back Home

Well, we had a lovely holiday in the Lake District. The weather was good, although compared to Devon, cold. The holiday cottage was lovely, the scenery beautiful and yes, it was as nice as everyone says. Our daughter and her boyfriend came down from Glasgow for a few days, which was great. Ian found some information on Hardknott Fort and immediately everyone wanted to go. I'm not overally bothered about Roman forts in the middle of nowhere, but thought it prudent to agree. I then found out that Hardknott Pass is supposed to be a 'rollercoaster' of a road. This is it:

If you click on the image to see a close up it gets more scary. Now, if I tell you that two things I dislike are:
Fairground rides, and
you may see that I didn't enjoy the journey across the Hardknott Pass. It doesn't look as bad on this photo as it does in real life, and, it is BUSY! This means there is a lot of slow manoeuvring as cars are trying to pass each other. I won't mention my holding my head in my hands and whimpering behaviour, very reminiscent of my gran (something I thought I would never do). Anyway, as ever, all things pass and eventually we arrived at the fort. The scenery was amazing, the fort was interesting and it was full of sheep. Here are two for you to admire:

Pretty aren't they?

Friday, 16 May 2008

Off again?

We are off on holiday for a week tomorrow, this time the Lake District. Never been there before, so hope it's as good as everyone says it is. I am hoping to do the following:
Long walks around lakes - flat if possible
Visit all wool shops in Cumbria
Spend a fortune in Lakeland HQ shop
Take a trip on the steamer boat
Eat every evening at a posh restaurant (ok, getting carried away, eat out at least once)

Husband wishes to
Walk up mountains with a packed lunch (made by wife)
Spend evenings relaxing in holiday cottage after eating lovely meal (prepared by wife)

We asked our son - now home from uni for the summer break (4 months long - studying music is exceedingly tiring) if he would like to come with us. Unfortunately 'the Lake District holds nothing for me' was the answer. That's it, Joe, write off an entire county and area of outstanding natural beauty without visiting it yourself. So, orders in the shop will be processed and posted on Tuesday 27 May.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Knit like the wind .....

Well, you won't believe the amount of knitting I have managed over the last couple of weeks. So, let the photos begin....

This is the bag to match my niece's hat. Not exactly rocket science, but I am sure a 6 year old will like it.

Finished at last, the alpaca socks for friend. The yarn is lovely, very soft but a little oiled, I am sure they will fluff up once they have been washed.

Now the socks knitted in Jacky by Easyknits. The yarn really is super, 100% Bluefaced Leicester, it proved to be really very strong to withstand the rubbish knitting and frogging it was subjected to. Pleased with these.

I have been knitting up some of the Old Piggery Kits. The yarn is lovely to knit with and the kits are interesting and quick to make. So, small knitted bag agove, Fingerless mitts and hat below. I have another couple of kits to make up and photos of these will follow.

What have you finished in the last couple of weeks?

Monday, 5 May 2008

Beautiful Bootees

Last week, Maggie from Daisy Dumpling ordered some Coldharbour Mill organic yarn from us. She rang on Friday to say she had received the yarn and hoped to start making gorgeous things for her shop over the weekend. Imagine my surprise when I found this photo in my inbox on Saturday morning.

Aren't they lovely? Maggie sells fabulous hand made baby clothes and accessories at Daisy Dumpling - do have a look.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Back to Work

We have returned from Wonderwool Wales and the Brecon Beacons where we spent a few very relaxing days. Wonderwool was great fun, we met lots of our suppliers and enjoyed meeting a few new ones! The scenery around Builth Wells was fabulous and we thoroughly enjoyed the drive from there to our holiday cottage just outside of Abergavenny.

We did some walking, a little shopping in Hay on Wye and had a fabulous drive through the Black Mountains. Just to prove that we did some walking, here is a picture of Ian with a mountain backdrop. We were actually there, but I must admit it does look as though the scenery has been painted on.

I haven't mentioned the additions made to my personal stash at Wonderwool. There were only a few, but did include some fabulous handdyed alpaca/silk and Beaumont Braf from Jenny Cook and a skein of Knitwitches new cashmere silk. Restrained, wasn't I? Perhaps a photo of these later.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Wonderwool Wales

Tomorrow we are off to Wonderwool Wales - just looking, not buying! If only..... said husband.

Anyway, for those of you that can't make it, remember you can buy lots of British yarn from the shop (sneaky self-promotion here). I have put a photo of a sheep for you to look at whilst I am away. This is Shelia and she lives at Washbrook Farm in Kingsbridge. Sandy, her owner, is the producer of Proud Yarns which we sell in the shop. They are really lovely yarns and I think that the standard at Wonderwool will have to be very high indeed if it is to match her yarn.

Have a good weekend.

Monday, 21 April 2008

A Lovely Hat (not Horrid Socks)

You may remember that I knitted a lovely scarf for Mother's day. Well, my soon to be 6 year old niece apparently loved the scarf. Everytime she sees it she says 'look at the beautiful colours, Nanny, just look' and holds and strokes it. Obviously taste and colour sense should be encouraged in the young and so I thought that it would be a good idea to make something with the yarn for Emily's birthday. The yarn, which is Handmaiden Silk in Vintage is quite fine and despite intensive trawling through books, internet and Ravelry, I couldn't find anything suitable.
Eventually, it does take time for ideas to come through these days, I hit upon the idea of knitting two strands together. As only half of the yarn was wound into a ball, I had to enlist the help of son, home from Uni (again), for the second time in one day! Goodness! Still, he was very patient and agreed at the end that the yarn is indeed, lovely. He did mention though, that he personally didn't want anything knitted in it. I feel I have heard this sentiment before
Anyway, I found a pattern for a beanie hat with flowers. The gauge was correct, well, I assumed it was, after spending a whole afternoon looking for a pattern, frankly I didn't much care. It didn't take very long and look:

I particularly liked the flowers as these were easy to make and I haven't done these before, being a very plain sort of person. It was such fun, I have immediately embarked on a matching bag.
Sorry, what's that? What about the two pairs of socks? What socks? Don't know what you're talking about.