Wednesday, 25 June 2008

It's been a week since ......

I said I would show you some of the things I have been knitting. A few weeks ago Gina (Starchild) on Ravelry, put out a call for acrylic yarn that she and her fellow knitters could use for making items to sell at a craft fair. The money they raise goes to a South West Children's Hospice charity. I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to rid myself of some the yarn that's hanging around here. So, I went to the secret stash (my daughter's wardrobe, if you're wondering. This is probably the least likely place my husband would ever look.). I found some stuff which I hope the knitters will use, but even better I found two 400 gm balls of Stylecraft Pure Wool and acrylic mix in Aran. I had used a few strands of each - both to finish garments for my niece and nephew - but basically they were intact. Here is what you can make with one ball of each - and still have plenty over for at least another couple of hats and a pair of mittens!

I have also finished a blue and white slipover which I will photo later. I am going to give them the rest of the yarn as I can't bear to think of knitting anything else with it. By the way, all patterns are Sirdar Chino Knits from the two books published with the same name. The tension is not correct and so I assume the sizing will vary from the pattern. Just like all my other knitting.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Home Again

Hello again, we are back from Ireland and we all had a jolly good time. Ireland was lovely, the cottage was great and we were really close to a super beach where the children had lots of fun making sandcastles. Even though they are now old enough to vote (and get jobs), we had to buy a bucket and two spades and they made dams and castles etc, etc.
I saw many lovely things whilst away, scenery included, but this was probably my favourite.

This fellow was sitting in our holiday cottage. He was absolutely gorgeous - very tactile, I had to smooth him every time I passed by. If you know where to get one of these, do please let me know.
Unfortunately, all holidays are now over for the forseeable future, although I am hoping to persuade Ian to have another break in September ..... So, back to work. I have completed lots and lots of knitting over the past few weeks and photos will be taken over the next few days. In the meantime, here is a photo of a baby hat I finished before the break.

My design, I think the lace border was too long - it needed to be a little shorter then stretched more around the hat. Still, I don't think the baby will complain. What do you think?

Friday, 6 June 2008

Away again ............

When we owned our holiday business we didn't get to have a holiday of our own. We said that when we sold it we would have a few breaks. And so we are away again. Only for a week, Ireland this time. Joe (still home from university) is coming with us. I don't think Ireland will necessarily hold anything for him, but he has graciously agreed to accompany us and his sister for a family holiday.
So, if you are planning to make an order, please do so, but be aware that it won't be posted until Monday 16 June. Do have a look at the shop, we now have some lovely King Cole Merino in DK and Aran. Lovely colours, even better price!

Have a good week.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Dye It Yourself

I have just put up some new yarns in the shop. These are wonderful British undyed yarns for dying, felting or just knitting. We have quite a range including Aran weight, machine washable sock yarn and some really pretty and unusual chunky yarn.
Have a look - you might feel inspired! Click here to go to Yarn page