Thursday, 20 August 2009

Success - it's all in the Planning....

Don't you think planning your knitting projects can be more fun than actually making them? I am a great looker (I wish) and planner, but not a great finisher. It is usually best for me to avoid things that come in pairs - socks, gloves, sleeves, backs and fronts etc as I really enjoy the first and then rarely finish the second. Lately, I don't know what has been the matter with me, but I rarely even start the second. I think having access to too much yarn isn't good for me - I just start projects and then leave them hanging about.
So, in an attempt to shame myself into finishing things, here is my Christmas list. Actual patterns etc won't be named at the moment - nor the name of the recipient, just in case they read the blog. As some gifts are for Lucy, Joe and my mum this is highly unlikely. Ian, who does read my blog (just to shame me into reading his) is not receiving a knitted gift this year - or at least not knitted by me.
2 pairs gloves
1 aran scarf
3 hats
1 cabled gillet
1 lace scarf
1 shrug (see picture)
We have been able to get some Rowan kits at a good price and in the fullness of time (when I have finished the structural changes to the website) I will be putting these up. These will make excellent Christmas presents as the recipient will be able to knit their own gift! Be careful which kit you get though - it may turn out to be your gift next Christmas!
As mentioned in my previous post, I will update the blog each week with the progress of these projects. So today's update - list made, nothing knitted, or even cast on.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

More Colourscape (and can I mention Christmas?)

I thought I would show you a photo of the lovely new Colourscape yarn that we have just received. This shade is called Cloud and is really very pretty. I love the new colours, especially the autumn and bracken shades. The photos of these need to be taken again as they are too dark, but as soon as I have them ready I'll show you.
The website is being amended again, so if you are looking and come across pages that don't look quite right, don't worry. I am making some changes to the way it looks, however it still works just the same.
Nothing to report on the knitting front. I have received two gorgeous knit kits from Rowan, one in the new Lima yarn and one in the Felted Tweed aran. I really am going to get started on knitting and put my needlepoint aside. I have made a list of all the lucky, lucky people who will receive knitted Christmas presents and it is rather long. So I am going to use this blog like a version of Weightwatchers. I will list all the things I intend to knit and then update you on progress weekly. This will hopefully shame me into getting a shift on. Or am I shameless....

Monday, 3 August 2009

Hi Everyone!

You may have noticed that I've had a bit of a break from the blog. Why? Because we have been away a couple of times. We went to the Lake District so that we could: have a holiday; go to Woolfest (which was great, but hot, hot, hot) and then on to Glasgow to Lucy's Graduation. Which was also great, but hot, hot, hot! Since we have returned it has been wet, wet, wet in not so sunny Devon. Like everyone else in Devon, I have found this a bit disappointing.

Another reason I have had a break is that I've had a break from knitting. I usually do at some point during the summer as I find the wools too hot. I normally take up needlepoint during these months and this year is no exception. It was hoped that this summer I would take advantage of some of the fabulous fabrics we have in the shop, but no, needlepoint won. I haven't finished yet, but when I do, photos will be shown.

So, are we all ready for the Autumn/Winter knitting season? I have put a photo of one of my favourite new books for this season. From Rowan, Colourscape is not new, but there are loads of new shades and this lovely book which includes patterns for men's sweaters. I really like this book and also everything else that Rowan has produced this year. In fact, it is all quite exciting. If the weather carries on being so dreadful, I feel my knitting enthusiasm will return much, much earlier this year.