Friday, 29 April 2011

They are all winners.......

Well, we have winners! The first prize goes to Sue and the SIBOLETTES for the wonderful blanket. Congratulations to everyone who put in so much hard work to make this fabulous item. We are sure it will be treasured item for the lucky auction winner.

Second prize goes to Ruth and her amazing toilet roll cover. The work in this is amazing, I particularly liked the copper initials and the gold embroidery. Well Done Ruth - you have raised the standard of British toilet decoration single handedly.

Our Third prize has been extended and both Emma and Linda will receive gifit vouchers for their elegant entries. The standard of work in these is extremely high and we congratulate you both.

Thank you for entering - it's been fun! If you would like to buy any of these items, they are on sale on Ebay until about 7.00 pm this evening 29 April.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Royal Wedding Knitting Competition Entries

Well, the Royal Wedding is almost here and the closing date for the Knitting Competition has been and gone. I can now show you photos for each of the entries. Receiving the entries has been really exciting and I'm delighted that people have taken the trouble to put together a fabulous item and send it to me!

We have decided to auction these on Ebay and all proceeds will go to the Prince William & Miss Catherine Middleton Gift Fund. I haven't been able to find out when this closes and if we are too late, then it will go to the Prince William & Prince Harry Foundation. The auctions finish on Thursday between 7.30 and 8.00 pm. If you would like to bid, their item number and link is supplied under each item.

So, in the order in which they arrived here at Great British Yarns are the entries:

This lovely keyring is from Emma Varnam. This is brighter in real life than the photo and is beautifully worked and presented. The pattern is available free of charge on her website or Ravelry. The Ebay item number is 170632423438.

The second to arrive was this fabulous blanket from 'SIBOL'.

This is the Sunshine International Blankets of Love organisation and is managed by Sue. Sue and her 'SIBOLETTES' (who, by the way, come from all around the world), make fabulous blankets to give to the elderly, especially those in nursing homes. A wonderful idea. This blanket has been made from people in the UK, USA, Netherlands, France, Belgium and Australia. Sue co-ordinates the squares, and then sews up and finishes them. This came beautifully packaged in a gold box with a crocheted butterfly. It was tied up with gold ribbon and another butterfly and was a real treat to open. If you would like to bid on this item the Ebay number is 180658275817.

Thirdly, this lovely little wedding cake arrived from Linda Ulfsparre Sewell - it's very pretty and cute. It is also beautifully made.

This little cutey is on Ebay under item number 170632421804.

And last but not least, this fun toilet roll cover from Ruth Bramley. Ruth sent a note with her entry which says 'this special toilet roll cover is knitted in luxurious chenille yarn in a deep claret colour, overlaid with a lattice of rich metallic coard. On top a plush gold-edged cushion in sky-blue supports an ermine-trimmed, bejewelled, regal crown, based on the one that appears in the coat of arms of HRH Prince William of Wales. To complete the cover there is a plaque on the front knitted in shimmering metallic threads, depicting the initials of the happy couple. In keeping with tradition, Kate Middleton's wedding ring will be made from Welsh gold, which, when mined, contains a proportion of copper, giving it a reddish colour. This is reflected in the colour used for the initials, which, incidentially made have been some of the inspiration for this creation'.

As I have a very pure mind, I didn't get the W C bit until Ian pointed it out. Very witty!! Anyhow, this is a beatiful work of art and any WC would be enhanced by having one of these discreetly placed.

If you would like to own this touch of class, the Ebay item number for this is 170632418251.

That's it. Not many but all very fine entries. The winner will be announced on Royal Wedding Day. Don't miss your chance to own one of these super items and to give to good causes.