Sunday, 10 August 2008

More Aran Knitting

Well, once you get the bug that's it, isn't it? I suppose for those of you who enjoy knitting socks, this is the equivalent. This is my latest attempt at aran knitting.

Another Alice Starmore pattern. This time from the Fisherman's Sweaters book, which, by the way, is still available from for around £9 if you are interested. This is not complicated, but I don't think I would be able to do it without the help of the stitch markers. There are 11 patterns across. I am knitting this for my niece for Christmas and it is only size 6 - 7 years. It takes a great deal of time to knit a row and I reckon that at current speed I am knitting 5 to 6 rows an hour! So, I try to spend an hour or so each evening on either the aran for Dad or this. I then spend the rest of the evening on either the horrid chenille or another more interesting project, which is also a Christmas present and must therefore remain secret.

I am not used to spending so long on a project, but am enjoying the challenge. The colour, of this hasn't come out very well in the photo - it is a lovely dark mauve. Will try again when the light is better.

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Anita Knits said...

Just come across your blog while hopping. Wow what a jumper, did you finish it in time. I've got that book had it for years, love looking at it and never do anything. I have to say I must have a go, what yarn did you use?

As you may see when if you look at my blog, that I made cards, but at the moment am really into knitting at the moment. Socks especially and the odd jumper.

Had a look at your shop and will be ordering soon - need to talk to hubby maybe he might buy me some wool for mothers day.