Wednesday, 15 April 2009

You wouldn't believe it.....

Well, we had a fabulous weekend with Lucy in Glasgow. As I have mentioned, we live in a small fishing town where shops are few and far between, so it was very exciting to look out of Lucy's bedroom window and see a Marks and Spencers Simply Food shop! It reminded me of many years ago when we lived in Central London. So what did we do, we shopped in the local area, shopped in the main Glasgow shopping centre and didn't really buy a thing - Ian was delighted. Lucy also took us to Edinburgh for the day and I thought this was a really lovely place. We went up to the Castle, but didn't go in because it was Easter Saturday and the queues were miles long. We bought a guitar strap for Joe from a market stall, which was beautifully made in leather. We visited the Elephant House where JK Rowling wrote some of Harry Potter, which was very exciting. A visit to a Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant (I wouldn't swear to its authenticity, but it was very good) was also one of Lucy's treats. We also had a night in playing Risk with her friends, and a walk around Glasgow's Botanic Gardens. Fantastic. A photo of Ian standing in front of a statue at Edinburgh Castle is below.

Now to the important things. Lucy tried on her ballgown and she look fantastic. I retrieved the shawls from my bag. (I had to knit lots of rows and then cast off loosely so that I could take them on the plane without any needles. The story of getting them back on the needles is for another time.) Guess what? There is a chocolate brown ribbon on the dress which Lucy hadn't really mentioned. So, the brown shawl is perfect after all......... Anyone want a pink one?

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