Sunday, 3 July 2011

Making a Start

We’ve finally been able to get into our new unit and make a start on some of the work we need to do before we can move the stock in. Over the weekend this has involved removing some old tiles from the area that will house the yarn showroom (previously used as a kitchen).

Sharon gets to grips with the old tiles (just before her dad turned up and actually did the job!)

Meanwhile I set to work to remove the “infinity wall” from the far end of the unit. The building had previously been used as a photographic studio and this structure had been built in to remove the hard line between the walls and the floor.

Beyond infinity – luckily it came apart quite easily

At the front of the unit we plan to have a large table suitable for workshops and a knitting group. At the moment this space is a rather nasty shade of green but it will be brightened up and have some Laura Ashley wallpaper applied to one wall to make it a bit more cosy.

The workshop space.

We did manage to do a bit of painting and plastering but there’s an awful lot still to do and with Knit Nation looming we’re going to be in for a busy few weeks.


Shani said...

Congratulations !!! really good to see such lovely progress.


Paula said...

Very exciting to see your progress on the studio - I hope to come down one day and visit :o)