Saturday, 6 August 2011

Taking Stock

We’ve spent most of the day at the Studio stock taking which is a task that is long overdue. It’s been very difficult to count the stock accurately up until now (please don’t tell our accountant) because we didn’t have everything in one place.

The storage area at the Studio – now properly organised

Finally we have everything together so that counting is much easier, and there certainly do seem to be lots of things to count – so much so that we roped Alison in to help.

“What’s in this one Sharon?”
“It looks like more wool Alison!”

Stock taking is one of those tasks that you think will be over in couple of hours but ends up taking a couple of days. It can be quite tiring.

Sharon and Alison busy taking stock

Anyway, it’s been great to get to grips with all the lovely yarn and the good news is that the storage part of the Studio is all in hand. Next week we hope to move the office in – things are looking promising as the broadband is now up and running.

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