Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Not everyone is a happy recipient of a knitted gift

I have been clearing out some Sublime in the shop and when stock taking it the other day, found this lovely pattern. I had all the colours in stock and so decided to make a couple of hats for my niece's sons. (That sounds so much better than great-nephews). They turned out really well and I was very pleased. Sent them to my niece who immediately sent this photo

My niece tells me that Jakey is 'learning to like his hat', which is a valiant take on it I think.


Rhian Drinkwater said...

Aww they're such lovely hats! Harry's take on my knitting is usually "I try on *later*?" with the emphasis on later as he carefully puts it out of my reach. said...

so cute love it , i just finish knit 4 hats today .is just that time of the year ,im sure he will LOVE IT ONECE HE GO OUTSIDE AND FEEL THE COLD.keep up the good work my dear.

Sharon said...

Now, that's very tactful!