Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Huge Progress on the Sock Front

Ha, thought this would get your attention, but sadly is it not wholly true. I have finished one sock for my friend's 50th birthday, which, by the way, is today. Here is the proof:

It's better in the flesh, so to speak as it looks as though there are snags going up the leg of the sock, which I think are just shadows. The pattern was a Charlene Schurch, I'm amazed at how these work if you just follow the instructions accurately. The yarn is UK Alpaca Moss Green Sock Yarn, snaffled from shop stock. It is really nice to knit with, but feels a little oiled - I am sure this will come out in the wash and get softer and softer as it is washed and worn.
I have started another sock in the Easyknits Jacky and hope to show you this later in the week. So, one down, two and a half to go.

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