Monday, 21 April 2008

A Lovely Hat (not Horrid Socks)

You may remember that I knitted a lovely scarf for Mother's day. Well, my soon to be 6 year old niece apparently loved the scarf. Everytime she sees it she says 'look at the beautiful colours, Nanny, just look' and holds and strokes it. Obviously taste and colour sense should be encouraged in the young and so I thought that it would be a good idea to make something with the yarn for Emily's birthday. The yarn, which is Handmaiden Silk in Vintage is quite fine and despite intensive trawling through books, internet and Ravelry, I couldn't find anything suitable.
Eventually, it does take time for ideas to come through these days, I hit upon the idea of knitting two strands together. As only half of the yarn was wound into a ball, I had to enlist the help of son, home from Uni (again), for the second time in one day! Goodness! Still, he was very patient and agreed at the end that the yarn is indeed, lovely. He did mention though, that he personally didn't want anything knitted in it. I feel I have heard this sentiment before
Anyway, I found a pattern for a beanie hat with flowers. The gauge was correct, well, I assumed it was, after spending a whole afternoon looking for a pattern, frankly I didn't much care. It didn't take very long and look:

I particularly liked the flowers as these were easy to make and I haven't done these before, being a very plain sort of person. It was such fun, I have immediately embarked on a matching bag.
Sorry, what's that? What about the two pairs of socks? What socks? Don't know what you're talking about.


Carol said...

Very Nice :) I love the flowers too!

knitternicky said...

Very pretty , I'm sure your neice will love it as much as she loves her Grandma's scarf.