Monday, 26 May 2008

Back Home

Well, we had a lovely holiday in the Lake District. The weather was good, although compared to Devon, cold. The holiday cottage was lovely, the scenery beautiful and yes, it was as nice as everyone says. Our daughter and her boyfriend came down from Glasgow for a few days, which was great. Ian found some information on Hardknott Fort and immediately everyone wanted to go. I'm not overally bothered about Roman forts in the middle of nowhere, but thought it prudent to agree. I then found out that Hardknott Pass is supposed to be a 'rollercoaster' of a road. This is it:

If you click on the image to see a close up it gets more scary. Now, if I tell you that two things I dislike are:
Fairground rides, and
you may see that I didn't enjoy the journey across the Hardknott Pass. It doesn't look as bad on this photo as it does in real life, and, it is BUSY! This means there is a lot of slow manoeuvring as cars are trying to pass each other. I won't mention my holding my head in my hands and whimpering behaviour, very reminiscent of my gran (something I thought I would never do). Anyway, as ever, all things pass and eventually we arrived at the fort. The scenery was amazing, the fort was interesting and it was full of sheep. Here are two for you to admire:

Pretty aren't they?

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