Saturday, 10 May 2008

Knit like the wind .....

Well, you won't believe the amount of knitting I have managed over the last couple of weeks. So, let the photos begin....

This is the bag to match my niece's hat. Not exactly rocket science, but I am sure a 6 year old will like it.

Finished at last, the alpaca socks for friend. The yarn is lovely, very soft but a little oiled, I am sure they will fluff up once they have been washed.

Now the socks knitted in Jacky by Easyknits. The yarn really is super, 100% Bluefaced Leicester, it proved to be really very strong to withstand the rubbish knitting and frogging it was subjected to. Pleased with these.

I have been knitting up some of the Old Piggery Kits. The yarn is lovely to knit with and the kits are interesting and quick to make. So, small knitted bag agove, Fingerless mitts and hat below. I have another couple of kits to make up and photos of these will follow.

What have you finished in the last couple of weeks?

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