Thursday, 3 July 2008

More Knitting

Here are a few more garments I have made over the last few weeks. This is another aran weight yarn, very quick and easy. Pattern, Sirdar, again, colours my own. I spent a lot of time discusssing the colours on this with my family whilst on holiday - it passed a few minutes. The general consensus was that the colours didn't look good. This was when only a few rows had been completed. I decided to persevere and by the time I had finished the front everyone said they thought the colours looked good. Or rather, I said 'these look fine together DON'T THEY?' in a rather threatening manner. As Joe and Lucy were watching some awful TV programme, they quickly agreed in the hope that I would shut up.

Next up is this rather smart slipover, again Sirdar pattern, knitted in the everlasting ball of Aran. Quite pleased with this, very easy knitting, finished in a few hours.

Now, you wouldn't believe this, but I found this one in the back of a cupboard. I had completely forgotten I had made it! The thing was, I had wanted to knit this pattern, because it was pretty and I thought challenging. But, I didn't have anyone to make it for. So, in the end I decided to make it and wait and see who came along that might fit it. It wasn't as challenging as I had hoped, but the endless moss stitch frill and sailor collar was boring. Still, it is very pretty, better in the flesh and I hope even better on a small child. I still don't know any small children, but this is going to the craft fair, so hopefully someone will like it.

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