Friday, 12 September 2008

Colourscape Scarf

The problem I have found with aran knitting is that you have to keep your eye on it. This means that I cannot watch all the riveting programmes currently on tv whilst knitting complicated patterns. So I looked around for something easier to do. In my wip basket I had: a plain navy jumper back to finish (front with animal pattern completed); simple textured pattern jumper, back and sleeves; gloves; socks, horrid chenille jumper; but obviously these would not do. No, I felt it was time to start something new. But what? I did not dare to start anything too large and so thought a scarf would be the ideal project.
The Rowan Colourscape was calling to me and so I snatched a skein of 'Heath' from the shop, took one of the pattern leaflets for Tainted Scarf and off I went. The colouring is quite amazing. Beautiful colours in lovely stripes! The yarn is soft and very easy to knit with. Picking out bits of straw still in the yarn is an added interest and I am enjoying the pattern. Just enough complication to make it interesting, not so much that I cannot concentrate on the plot of Coronation Street. Perfect!

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