Thursday, 18 September 2008

A Real Challenge

As my interest in Aran knitting has been reawakened, I have been looking at various designers, guides and stitch dictionaries. Not really sure why, I have never been able to design anything and have absolutely no artistic ability. Still, I do like reading and looking at pictures, so have been adding to my (large) book and pattern collection with new aran stuff. My latest acquisition is this:

A Japanese cable and aran stitch dictionary. It is written entirely in Japanese, but does have symbols, which you can decipher with the help of various websites and reference documents. The aran patterns are absolutely amazing - I've never seen cables etc like it! Here is a photo of one of the pages:

I bought it from Needlearts bookshop, a Canadian company who were very prompt and friendly. My intention is to start doing some swatches from these patterns - watch this space!


Joan said...

Beautiful! That book is now the first item on my Christmas list (which will be here before you know it...)

Sharon said...

Joan, I am pleased the book has inspired you - perhaps you will be able to help me decipher the symbols! The link to the bookshop has now been amended so that it actually works.