Sunday, 15 March 2009

Don't Talk Whilst Walking is my new advice

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. I am making excellent progress with the shawl for Lucy. Thanks to Caithairinmyknitting and her fabulous suggestions I am now only unpicking stitches every three or four rows. Usually because I stopped to pat the dog (or move him slightly - he sits very, very close to me whilst knitting and if I don't move him from time to time then I get a frozen shoulder).
Anyway... Lucy rang yesterday morning, whilst we were out walking on Dartmoor. Apparently she was going to go shopping for a ball gown. She didn't have time to make one (not something to discuss at the moment) and thought she'd just buy one. Without any thought I opened my mouth and said 'Oh, I saw a lovely one in the paper the other day - it was just like a fifties ballerina dress and it would really suit you'. 'By the way it was in a shop called something like Ocean'. Well, once we had sorted out the shop was actually called Coast (Brixham is a small fishing town without virtually any shops unless you are looking for ceramic gifts 'from Brixham'). She said she would investigate.
Much later another call, we are still on our walk... 'It's a bit Disney Princess,' she said, 'what do you think?' Being a strong believer in that everyone should look like a Disney Princess once in their lifetime (I haven't, yet) I told her she should buy it. 'Great,' she said, 'I'll go back and get it now'. The phone call ended. I meandered along. I thought for a bit, and then realised that the lovely shawl will probably not go with the dress, which is a baby pink. The effect would probably be more chocolate box than sophisticated young woman. So, my question is

which would give a bit of a gold effect, or

which is a little pinker than the photo?


sara said...

pink - and I am really not a pink girl but that wool is lovely

Elinor said...

Hello - I also love the pink wool it's beautiful BUT I'm wondering if with the pink dress and potentially pink shoes if it would all maybe be a little too pink? But I'm not sure. The gold is also lovely and I think I'm going to give my vote to that :D

I've already told Malcolm he can't stand next to me as green/dark blue tartan is not going to go with it! I don't think this is going to get him to wear a black suit however.

I'm looking forward to the pictures :D Thank you mum!

Love Lucy

cathairinmyknitting said...

I'd go with the gold one; if you get the pink to match *just right* it's great. But if it's off, it's *off*! IMHO, better not to try to match. Hey, Lucy, green and dark blue go with anything, don't they? :)