Friday, 6 March 2009

Progress of sorts

Well, as you can see there has been some progress with the lacy knitting. I have spent many happy hours knitting and unpicking, usually knit one row and then unpick three or four rows trying to find out where I was. The length of this knitting in no way reflects the amount of time spent on it.
I have, however, received some really useful advice from Caithairinmyknitting and hope to put this into action this evening. Hopefully I will then be able to make faster progress.
Here is another photo of a close up of the shawl.

The colour is much richer and nicer than the photo, but it was very difficult to get the shot right. Still, perhaps by next week I'll have a lot more to show you. Or perhaps I could tell you about the lovely yarn I've just bought to make an Alice Starmore cardigan.......

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Jon said...

Sharon invited us around for dinner last night and we saw her lovely lacy shawl in all it's glory. Much warmer in tone and of course lovely and soft to the touch! Good luck with finishing in time for the graduation!

Love Jon and Carole X