Monday, 11 May 2009

Anything to Report?

I am very very sorry that I haven't written much or in fact, anything recently. This is for three reasons. The first is that I haven't done anything except work and knit. The second is that I am struggling along with Lucy's shawl with the fabulous help of Cathairinmyknitting. And thirdly, well, there isn't a particularly firm third reason, it's just that I always have to have one.

This started when Lucy was a small child - and a very persistent one. If she was ever refused something (often, you should have heard her demands) she always demanded a number of reasons and 'because I said so' didn't count. So, I became very skilled at thinking of three different reasons in a very short space of time. As she has now been living away from home for quite a while now, I find that I don't have to justify myself so often, hence the slacking of the brain.

I have, however spent an enormous amount of time overhauling Great British Yarns and I am very pleased with the way it looks. Have a look yourself if you have time. Hopefully I will be back later this week with a photo of the finished shawl.

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