Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Knitting in Action

At long last here is a photo of Lucy wearing the shawl I made for her.

The photo is a bit grainy but this is from her mobile. Lucy left it until a couple of days before the event to try on the whole outfit. Whilst I found this very irritating, I do admire the confidence of youth.

This is a photo of her at the ball with boyfriend and a few Scottish friends. I must admit the men in kilts do look very smart. Anyway, well done to Lucy for graduating after five years of studying. We are really very proud of her. Lucy will be taking up a post as a dentist in Perth in August. Many of my friends have said that we are very lucky to have a dentist in the family as it costs so much to see one. My answer to that is 'Would you trust your own child to drill in your head?' Proud though I am (and I really am), I'm not sure I would!

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