Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Another Finished Project!

I can hardly believe it myself, but I proudly present the second in the Alice Starmore hat trick kit. This one is called Snowdrop. I have shown you a photo of the crown, but the sides are also beautiful. I am really pleased with this, but I found it more difficult than the beret to knit. The joining in of new colours didn't go as smoothly on this and there is a slight line which will annoy me.
The third hat, which I might start today, is the same shape, but has a different pattern. Keep a look out for this, I hope to finish it in a week. This hat and the beret are going to be given to Lucy, the third hat, is going to my sister as the colours will suit her. (I also hope it will be perfectly knitted!)
Work on the scarf is progressing and I hope to finish that next week. The gloves, I have to confess, I lied about in a recent post. Two pairs of gloves were reported to be nearly finished. There is in fact only one pair - but it is nearly done. I'll get the pair finished soon and show a photo. Joe will be the lucky recipient of these. As for all the other projects on my Christmas List, they are not going to be started. I have got the fair isle bug and want to do more!
How is your Christmas knitting getting on?

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Knitman said...

Hi Sharon-if you look at my blog, you will see a pair of socks I made form the yarn I bought from you and dyed.