Thursday, 19 November 2009

Another WIP

I have many, many works in progress, and very few that are finished. Today, I thought I'd show you a photo of a scarf that I'm knitting in Scottish Tweed Aran, which is now sadly discontinued. The photo doesn't really show you the brilliance of the pink, or indeed the fantastic knitting, (I took it on my iphone) but there you go.
The pattern has been taken from A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd. I love this book, the patterns are gorgeous and two versions of each pattern are shown, one in a commercial yarn and the other in a handspun. Lovely!
In fact I have enjoyed using this pattern so much, this is, in fact, my second scarf. The first was made in Rowan Soft Tweed (again, sadly discontinued) and is in a chunky weight. I'll show you a photo of that in a day or two. The chunky yarn makes it more of a wrap size. This one, is a proper scarf width and I am going to make it as long as I have patience for - so will probably stop in the next inch or two. This one is going to be for a friend's birthday and luckily I have a few weeks before it needs to be finished. Hope she likes it. If not, she has a teenage daughter who really loves handknitted stuff, so I'm sure it will be used by someone.

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