Tuesday, 19 February 2008

At last, Christmas has arrived ....

...in the form of lovely Christmas stockings. You may remember me mentioning I had made some needlepoint stockings and had sent them away to be made up. Well, great excitement! I received an email yesterday from the company saying they would arrive today. They didn't mention they would arrive at 7.27 am this morning, but then, that would have taken the shine off the arrival as I am not a morning person, more of a lunchtime person. Anyway, couldn't wait to share them, so here we go, in the order in which they were made:

This is Joe's stocking. He is 18. These are so expensive it has taken me all this time to be able to afford them. A very colourful alphabet, mostly chosen because of the musical symbols. Joe is studying music at uni.

Next up is Lucy's. She is 21 and also at uni, this time dentistry. This also uses bright colours, but, of course, there is lots of navy. Lucy really liked this, in fact it was her favourite, which was a real relief! These two stockings are very different indeed, rather like the children. Still it all adds for interesting debate or is it argument?

Now Ian's (husband). Won't tell you his age as it is immense. This is a smaller stocking which annoyed me as I like symmetry on the mantlepiece.
The colours are muted on this one, it is lovely though. Jolly Red, who makes the kits didn't have another large one at the time, so I was going to make this one, and then perhaps another small one to match. Jolly Red, then produced this:Well, it is fantastic and of course mine. Unfortunately I cannot disclose my age suffice to say I am over 35. I just love the rocket and the robot head on this, it reminds me of toys my brothers owned when we were young. I also like the dog on wheels, I had one of these, it was already past its prime when I got it, and the straw and sawdust stuffing trail was a great indicator of where I had been throughout the house. Strangely, I had it for years, and never once did the health and safety inspector visit and close the house down. How neglectful!

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Annabelle said...

What wonderful Christmas Stockings! Keep them safe Sharon. They are sure to become family heirlooms.