Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Out and About

Unfortunately I haven't any knitting to show you - but check back at the weekend because I hope to have finished Mum's cardigan by then. Excellent news! Just the Alice Starmore Aran cardigan to finish (well, 1.5 sleeves and 2 fronts and 2 pockets to do). Yes, I know, it is just the back and a little bit of the first sleeve that I have actually completed, but I have been thinking about it. A lot.

Anyway, let's have a picture. Here is one of Rex enjoying the sunshine yesterday at Berry Head. This is a lovely country park with beautiful views of the sea. About one mile from my home.

He is looking very perky isn't he? At the far end of the country park there is a lighthouse which is interesting for two reasons: it is the highest and smallest lighthouse in Britain. It's very cute:

Now some shop news. We will be putting up some Christmas ideas and deals during the next few days, so do have a look. As soon as we do, I'll put a link.

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