Friday, 28 November 2008

A Visit, A New Pattern and Thoughts of a New Project

Yesterday we had a visit from Annabelle, our Rowan rep. It was lovely to see her, and to have a sneak look at all the lovely yarns that will be available in the Spring. Linen mixes, gorgeous organic cottons, interesting and innovative patterns, what more can I say?

Anyway, Annabelle arrived wearing the most super beret. It looked suspiciously like Colourscape yarn and on close examination I found it was. Carnival is the colourway and here is the beret:

Annabelle used the pattern from the Cocoon Collection which, she tells me, uses the same tension as Colourscape and so the patterns are pretty much interchangeable! Fantastic - I have some lovely Cocoon in a deep red and as soon as I have finished the jumpers that shouldn't be named, I think I might make this the next project.

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