Friday, 28 November 2008

A Visit, A New Pattern and Thoughts of a New Project

Yesterday we had a visit from Annabelle, our Rowan rep. It was lovely to see her, and to have a sneak look at all the lovely yarns that will be available in the Spring. Linen mixes, gorgeous organic cottons, interesting and innovative patterns, what more can I say?

Anyway, Annabelle arrived wearing the most super beret. It looked suspiciously like Colourscape yarn and on close examination I found it was. Carnival is the colourway and here is the beret:

Annabelle used the pattern from the Cocoon Collection which, she tells me, uses the same tension as Colourscape and so the patterns are pretty much interchangeable! Fantastic - I have some lovely Cocoon in a deep red and as soon as I have finished the jumpers that shouldn't be named, I think I might make this the next project.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Out and About

Unfortunately I haven't any knitting to show you - but check back at the weekend because I hope to have finished Mum's cardigan by then. Excellent news! Just the Alice Starmore Aran cardigan to finish (well, 1.5 sleeves and 2 fronts and 2 pockets to do). Yes, I know, it is just the back and a little bit of the first sleeve that I have actually completed, but I have been thinking about it. A lot.

Anyway, let's have a picture. Here is one of Rex enjoying the sunshine yesterday at Berry Head. This is a lovely country park with beautiful views of the sea. About one mile from my home.

He is looking very perky isn't he? At the far end of the country park there is a lighthouse which is interesting for two reasons: it is the highest and smallest lighthouse in Britain. It's very cute:

Now some shop news. We will be putting up some Christmas ideas and deals during the next few days, so do have a look. As soon as we do, I'll put a link.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Christmas is coming (very slowly) ....

Yet another week (and more) has gone by without me adding a blog post. What excuses do I have this time? None, really. Actually, I have got one - we were invited to a wedding last weekend and it took two whole days of shopping to get Ian an outfit. Mine took considerably less time and ended with me borrowing a scarf from my next-door neighbour, just 45 mins before we had to leave for the event! Sadly, in our hurry we forgot to take the camera so I cannot show you any photos of the lovely bride (my niece) or anything else really.

So, what's been happening on the knitting front? Well, I did frog Emily's cardigan and knitted another. Emily was a bridesmaid at the wedding and I found she has grown in the few months since I last saw her. Considerably. Considerably more, in fact, than I could have thought possible. So, I am now forgetting I ever had hopes to knit a cardigan for Christmas and have purchased many High School Musical items instead. I'm sure she will enjoy these much more than a boring old cardigan, but that's not the point. I now need to find a recipient for the aforementioned garment. It still needs blocking and then I promise to show you a picture.

Mum's Christmas cardigan and Dad's aran cardigan are still coming along. Slowly. Very, very slowly. Still, if I can't manage to finish them by Christmas, then they will have to wait. Or, of course, they can always have some High School Musical items instead.

If you haven't been able to complete all your knitted gifts for Christmas you can always send one of our lovely Gift vouchers. We have got some super cards from Herdy and so you will be supporting Lake District charities as well! Here is a sample of one of the gift cards.