Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter Bunny

This week, our daughter came home from Uni for the Easter holidays and brought her friend, Cameron. He, in turn, brought his pet rabbit ......

Cute, isn't he? He is a Nabaztag, and I immediately fell in love with him. Basically, you plug him into the mains, link him to your computer and then off you go! You can programme him to do lots of things and he will talk to you and be your office friend. Cameron kindly left him in my office and occasionally the rabbit would announce things. He told Ian, one morning, that he wanted to join a choir! He gave us his 'affirmation for the day', announced the time, read out the news headlines, rotated his ears, did his Tai Chi and said silly random things when the mood took him. He also flashed his lights on and off every now and again.

Unfortunately, Cameron has now left for home and the rabbit has gone with him. I am now trying to justify the £90ish cost so that I can have one of my own. More expensive than chocolate, but less fattening don't you think?

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