Thursday, 20 March 2008

Great British Yarns

I have mentioned a couple of times that we have sold our family business, and we have been wondering what to do next. Well, this is it! Great British Yarns our new online store. After some extensive searching, selecting, ordering, checking stock, photographing and web building, we have finally finished the store.

Our concept is to sell yarn which has either been produced or finished in this country, thus cutting down on yarn miles, support local industry and indeed, rural industry. We think it is very important that small and/or rural businesses are encouraged and with such a wealth of fantastic yarns available here, it seems a shame not to buy them! We have also included a few accessories such as buttons, notecards and stitch markers that have been hand made here.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the site - and that you make a Great Big Order! Any feedback will be gratefully accepted.

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