Thursday, 27 March 2008

One Down, Two New .....

I have now finished daughter Lucy's new jacket. Picture shows her modelling the garment. Unfortunately she was having a bad hair day and didn't want her full photo shown. Looks good, though doesn't it?

It was quite enjoyable to knit, although did get a bit tedious, especially when a good bit came on the tv and I forgot to change the knit, purl in the basketweave pattern. There is shaping at the waist on this and it does make it sit nicely. As mentioned in an earlier post, this was made in Sirdar pure cotton, not pleasant. The yarn splits endlessly and I thought it was poor quality for the money.

By the way, you might want to know why I am using yarn that I am not selling in the shop........ Well, the answer to that is that I am trying to destash. This may take several years as I am as equally enthusiastic about buying as I am about knitting (more probably).

I am, however, using some shop stock for some socks I am making for a friend's 50th birthday. A keen walker, it seemed a good idea to knit him two pairs of socks using the lovely UK Alpaca Sock yarn in moss green, and a pair in Easyknits Jacky. This was several weeks ago. Unfortunately we have been very busy lately, starting the shop, visiting elderly relatives, having parents and children to stay and trying to get out and walk, plus, of course, finishing the above jacket. All in all, I have knitted almost one sock , and frogged the same. His birthday is 8 April and the parcel needs to be with him by the 4th. Chances? On a postcard please.......

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